Instructions on "Personal Center"

published on:2018-01-04 11:16:08Updated on:2018-01-04 11:15:30

1. Profile--Basic information: The user can view and fill in the basic information and click save.

2. Profile-Profile backup: The user submits the real name and the certificate number.

3. Profile--KYC material: The user fills out the KYC material and sends the material to each other in the transaction chatting window.

4. Profile--Basic information--Social: The users fill out social media accounts to facilitate the viewing of trading parties.

5. Security--Security setting: The users can view account security level, and through Two-factor authentication, set asset password, phone verification, Tamper-Proof Code, Email verification, Login password and other measures to enhance the security level.

6. Security--Security record: The users can determine account security by viewing a series of site action records, such as login records, security settings records.

7. Message-unread message: Showing all your unread messages.

8. Message-All messages: Showing all your messages.

9. Profile--Basic information--Trust--people you trust: showing information from users you trust

10. Profile--Basic information--Be Trust--people who trust you: showing the information that users trust you.

11. Profile--Basic information--Block—people you block: showing information for the user you marked as block.

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