Overview on trading process

published on:2016-12-28 16:53:30Updated on:2016-12-28 16:46:07

The user can publish the transaction advertisement on the platform, the other user can buy or sell the bitcoin according to personal needs, the publishing party earns the difference through the transaction. The user publishes the advertisement that buys the bitcoin, sets up the price difference of the transaction (for example, lower 1% of exchange price when trading) and waits for other users to click the button which sells to this advertisement, if other users sell it, the two parties start to communicate. If suitable, buyer will do KYC (know your custom). KYC authentication is done by requiring the other party to make a transfer or offline cash transaction to complete the transaction. If you buy or sell online, the bitcoin will be hosted on the platform from the seller's side, and wait until the money transfer payment is confirmed by the other party will be released. If offline cash transactions, both parties can reach an agreement offline.

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