Attentions about trading

published on:2016-12-28 17:00:00Updated on:2016-12-28 16:57:36

Before starting a transaction,

a. Just starting a bitcoin transaction requires some trading experience, and a new account will be difficult to find users who reply to your Ads. Contacting other traders to buy and sell bitcoin can help you get the first batch of feedback and transactions. The more transactions and feedback you have, the higher the credibility of your account.

b. It is best to verify your account with phone verification and profile backup. Verified accounts are more trustworthy for buyers, which helps you get more customers.

c. When you receive a new transaction, you need to view the BitcoinWorld user data of the initiating trader to measure the trader's reputation. Viewing the feedback (evaluation) and transaction history of the trader.

d. Be sure to check the identity of your trading partner by checking the details, whether he/she have been authenticated by phone, email address, or identity certification, feedback (evaluation), volume and other information.

e. If you use a method of payment that is visible to the buyer's name (such as through a designated bank transfer), it is recommended that you only be the authenticated user on BitcoinWorld to display your Ads.

f. Fraud is mainly from new accounts. Setting up a first-time buyer limit on your Ad will help you reduce the risk of damage from exposing yourself and deceptive buyers. Limits can prevent buyers without trading credits from initiating a large transaction.

g. Before starting the transaction, please make sure you are familiar with local regulations, comply with any relevant laws, and have obtained the necessary business licenses within the jurisdiction of the transaction.

h. The law varies by country / area and is also related to whether you are dealing with individuals or companies.

i. Please carefully examine the method of payment that you want to provide. Carefully read and trade with other traders who use the same payment method. Try to find possible problems before you start the transaction. Searching exchange forum is also a good choice. We recommend that you use low-risk payment methods to trade, and see below for more information about payment methods.

j. Please use a payment account that is used only for bitcoin transactions. If your account receives unauthorized payments related to fraud, some payment providers may temporarily or permanently close your account. You can protect your personal currency by using a payment account that is used only for bitcoin transactions.



General Transaction Tips

a. The buyer is too slow or unresponsive. If the buyer does not click the “Payment completed” button within the payment window (usually 90 minutes), the escrow is automatically canceled. If the buyer has paid but forgot to click this button and still wants to complete the transaction with the buyer, you can reopen escrow.

B. Appeal transaction. If there is any dispute in the transaction, you may initiate a complaint. Even after you initiate a complaint, you can still release the bitcoin and complete the transaction, for example, the payment time is longer than usual, but it is still possible to release when complain.

c. Not replying to a transaction quote can cause you to get negative feedback. When not trading, please close your Ads. Tip: Using the open time feature to automatically turn on and off the Ads you see.



Ensuring security in the transaction process

a. Please enable two-factor authentication on your BitcoinWorld account, which will further improve security and prevent passwords from falling into the hands of attackers. Be sure not to store the backup code electronically, write down the backup code and save it securely. You can enable this feature in your security settings.

b. Please enable Tamper-Proof Code on your BitcoinWorld account, which takes effect when the user makes the operation, prevents phishing websites attacks and protects your assets. You can Enable this feature in your security settings.

c. Please check your security record. Viewing your login history and security settings record in the account security record. It is a good habit to check them regularly.

d. Please alert any pictures, links, and other files sent to you by a customer or stranger to prevent your computer from infecting the virus, being attacked by malware, or causing more serious consequences.

e. Avoiding using the same password on multiple websites, and attackers can easily access multiple accounts through one password.



Quick trick to identify crooks

a. Crooks will take advantage of the irreversibility of bitcoin transactions or they will try to deceive you into releasing bitcoin but not paying for them. Therefore, you must release bitcoin from escrow after receiving payment. Even if you know a fixed buyer, once bitcoin is released from escrow, it will not be able to retrieve them.

b. Because payment is reversible, crooks will try to use stolen credentials or purchase certificates for payment. This requires the buyer to use the authenticated BitcoinWorld account and always see if the user's real name matches the name on the payment information to prevent falling into the trap of a liar.

c. Buyers of fraud are usually more hurried. The more the customer urges you to complete the transaction as soon as possible, the more suspicious he is, and the real customer is always patient.

d. Buyers of fraud often recommend that transactions be done privately outside of escrow and then do not complete the formalities they should complete.

e. Please check the payment certificate processed by the image processing software to confirm receipt of the money before releasing the bitcoin. You need to release the transaction only if you confirm that you have received payment from the buyer.

f. Please do not open any links sent to you by trading partners, if you must, use a different browser than the browser you are currently using. Do not use the browser of the exchange to open a website other than Bitcoinworld , use a different browser to open another website.

g. Adding a bookmark to BitcoinWorld in your browser and always use a bookmark to access the website. This prevents accidental access to phishing websites, and phishing websites do exist and are easy to believe. Even experienced traders can become victims of phishing websites.

h. If you are unable to verify the identity of the user, you can apply order for help at any time.



Terms and Conditions

a. The buyer must mark the payment completed within the time limit specified after the transaction is initiated, or the transaction will be canceled automatically.

b. BitcoinWorld Customer Service will handle the complaint according to the evidence provided by both parties and the trader's credit.

c. The buyer can initiate a complaint after marking the 1 hours of payment completion .

d. The poundage is the 0.5% of the escrow amount , which is deducted from the advertiser's wallet after the transaction succeeds. If the buyer cancels the transaction, no poundage will be charged.

e. Any irresponsible behavior can lead to a decline in credibility. Please operate in a good and professional manner.

f. After the escrow is released by the seller, BitcoinWorld will assume that the transaction is complete and no further complaints can be made.

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