Advertising activation condition

published on:2017-12-29 17:11:51Updated on:2017-12-29 17:04:55

Attention: For advertisements of different currencies, the conditions for activating ads are different. In order for your ads to appear in the list of ads, please recharge in advance. The specific display conditions are as follows.


BTC:  Sell Online Ads. 0.05 BTC

          Sell for Cash Ads. 0.05 BTC


ETH:  Sell Online Ads.1 ETH

          Sell for Cash Ads. 1 ETH


ETC:  Sell Online Ads.2 ETC.

          Sell for Cash Ads. 1 ETC.


LTC:  Sell Online Ads. 2 LTC

         Sell for Cash Ads. 1 LTC


BCH:  Sell Online Ads. 0.1BCH

          Sell for Cash Ads. 0.1BCH


Ps: All purchase Ads (Sell for Cash & Sell Online) activation is not required in the account of the corresponding assets.

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