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published on:2016-12-28 17:15:46Updated on:2016-12-28 17:14:24

Special Options

(1) Sell Online

a. Payment Two-dimensional Code

When you select a portion of a third-party payment tool, you can upload your payment two-dimensional code for the user to scan and transfer quickly to you. The payment two-dimensional code is displayed to your users after the order is generated.

b. Advanced Options -- Cumulative Minimum Transactions

How much do you want the seller to do before BTC the amount of transactions counted. Set the value of this key to a number greater than 0 to filter out all 0 transaction buyers

Asking the seller how many BTC transaction they had done. Setting this value to a number greater than 0 filters out all zero-volume buyers

c. Advanced Options -- Minimum Rating Score

Requiring the buyer's praise percentage (0-100%). This is not valid for new buyers who have not traded.

d. Advanced Options -- New Buyer Restrictions

Limiting the BTC number of new buyers you can trade. This entry applies to users who have not yet traded in BitcoinWorld, and the value you set will limit the amount of the first transaction for the new user. Setting a lower number can reduce your risk of being cheated

e. Advanced Options -- Transaction Factor

Limiting the number of buyers who have traded with you many times. This will limit the total volume of transactions you have had with the trader multiplied by the factor you set.

For example: You and the Trader A Total Transactions 2BTC, if you set this to 1.5. Trader A currently available for you to purchase 2BTC*1.5=3BTC.

(2) Buy Online

Payment terms: Filling integer in minutes. Through this to the seller to ensure your completed payment time can, over the period of non-payment, your transaction will be automatically canceled.

(3) Sell for Cash

Fluctuating Price: After being enabled, the amount of bitcoin traded fluctuates with the market price, and the number of Bitcoin in the final transaction is determined when the bitcoin is released. At the beginning of the transaction, the number of bitcoins in the 15% is frozen to allow you to have enough bitcoin to release, and the bitcoins will be returned upon completion.

Supposing you enable fluctuating, the user deals with you when a transaction order is generated 1 BTC= 1000 USD, your account must have at least 1* (1+15%) =1.15 BTC so that you can be injected successfully. Supposing that when you release the bitcoin, dollar price up to the 1050 USD, the amount paid by the other party remains at 1000 USD, but the number of bitcoin you release will be reduced to 1000/1050=0.95 BTC.

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