Withdrawal methods and processes

published on:2016-12-28 17:19:43Updated on:2016-12-28 17:18:51

1.Checking accounts. Please make sure that the page you are operating on is the currency withdrawal you are in.

2.Entering the address. Please pay attention to the correctness of the address, as the present operation is irreversible, once the withdrawal is confirmed, that is not recovered.

3.Entering quantity and poundage. When the withdrawal is out of the platform, the number of withdrawal and network poundage cannot exceed the balance of the account.

4. Selecting the authentication method. Email verification, cell phone verification, or Google Two-factor Authentication three choose one to do authentication. When you choosing an Email verification or cell phone verification, first please click the "Send" button to the right of the input box, and then fill in the input box after receiving the verification code.

5. Tamper-Proof Code picture validation. Verify that the text on the picture is for you in the Security Centersecurity setting--Tamper-Proof Code, and check the spelling of the domain name (bitcoinworld.com), indicates that your environment is in this platform.

6.Entering the asset password
.Entering your comments. This comment will not be seen by the recipient, only to help you keep the information.

8.Clicking the "Confirm withdrawal" button.


Upon submission, you will be able to see your history's withdrawal record in the "Withdraw record" below. The withdrawal just filed can be withdrawn within one minute (click the "Cancel" button at the back of a single record)

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