Security system

published on:2016-12-28 17:27:59Updated on:2016-12-28 17:25:44

Google two-factor authentication: We provide optional Google two-factor authentication, using Google Authenticator for scanning verification, so that hackers cannot attack your computer to log into your account.

Phone Verification: We need SMS verification in key steps, as long as the phone is not lost, hackers cannot continue the next step.

         Asset Password: A string of secret phrases entered when you perform an asset operation that is inconsistent with the login password. Hackers cannot manipulate your assets even if your login password is stolen.

Tamper-Proof Code: By setting the Tamper-Proof Code to prevent access to the phishing website was cheated account password.

         Email Verification: The platform sends messages to alert users after important actions and discoveries, such as the BitcoinWorld user’s IP switch login prompt, and so on.

Login Password: When the login password is found to be stolen in a timely manner can modify the password to reduce losses.

         To protect your asset, if you change your password, reset your phone, or disable Google Two-factor authentication, the asset cannot be manipulated within 24 hours.

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