BitcoinWorld Network Fee Rate Description

published on:2017-12-29 14:13:05Updated on:2017-12-29 14:11:15

OTC Transactions

User registration, purchase or sale of digital currency is zero poundage


OTC Transactions - AD Publisher

Advertising free

The advertiser's turnover 0.25% as poundage after the transaction is completed 


Withdrawal fee

No poundage is required to transfer funds within the digital assets platform.

The network fees and charges are as follows (non-platform side charge):

BTC: Standard mode 0.0001BTC, Speed mode 0.001BTC

ETH: 0.01ETH-0.1ETH

LTC: 0.005 LTC-0.1 LTC

ETC: 0.01ETC-0.1ETC

EOS: Fixed charge 1 EOS

BCH (BCC): 0.0005BCH-0.1 BCH


BTC Transaction Accelerator

0.003 BTC/KB(Not enough
 1KB Press 1KB count)

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