What if I paid but forgetting to press the "Mark the Payment as Completed" button or press it in time?

published on:2016-12-28 14:31:31Updated on:2016-12-28 14:27:14

  It is related to your online purchasing bitcoins. After sending the transaction request to the bitcoin sellers, you have 90 minutes to complete the payment before the transaction automatically cancel. During this period, you need to finish the payment and click the "Payment Completed" button. Seller will be informed that you got paid and keep the bitcoins with escrow until he or she confirms the payment and release the bitcoins to you.

  If you have paid but you haven't click the “Payment Completed” button before the end of time window, you can contact the seller by the transaction. Bitcoin sellers can reopen the trading order which will restart the escrow. You can contact sellers and the existing transaction contacts from your BitcoinWorld user's basic data to send sellers messages about the reasons that you haven't complete the payment in the time window.

  If sellers didn't answer the request, please submit a support ticket to contact Online Customers Service of BitcoinWorld.com and tell the customer the contact ID of your transaction.

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