How much does the margin fiat and margin btc charge?

published on:2016-12-28 15:33:39Updated on:2016-12-28 15:29:05

The interests of margin fiat and margin btc are paid with bitcoins. Through the process of users' margin fiat and margin btc, the system will count the interests when ending buying or selling btc. 24hours means one day and under 24 hours are also counted as one day.As the platform stipulates, the daily poundage is 0.1%. The interests will be deducted once for all after users pay off the margin fiat and margin btc loan.( Accumulative interests= user's sum of repayment * handling charge 0.1% *days) What should be noted is that the interests of financing buying is acculated in accordance with fiat, then exchanged with btc in accordance with the current btc exchange rate. Financing selling is always acculated with bitcoins and the platform accepts bitcoins only.

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