Under which condition will my account get force close?

published on:2016-12-28 15:54:00Updated on:2016-12-28 15:45:33

Under the following four conditions will your account get force close:

1.The contract expires. Each contract has 30days limit. When users could not return the dept to platform in the time limit, the system will effect teh mandatory close operations when the contract expires.

2.The assets deficiency appears. If the market price fluctuates strongly, which causes that the users' assets are <=100%* of users total debt( the quotation of margin fiat and margin btc and the cumulative interests, the users will get force close the return the loan.

3.The illegal operations appear. When the platform monitors the users' hostile attacks and illegal operations, BitcoinWord has the right to operate mandatory close to users.

4.The users' requests appear. If the users contact the Customers Service or submit a work sheet to ask for ending all the margin fiat and margin btc contracts, BitcoinWorld has to operate the close according to the users' requests.

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