How to enable two-factor validation

published on:2017-12-29 16:26:13Updated on:2017-12-29 16:21:17

Two-factor authentication is enabled through Security Setting page . We provide two-factor authentication based on mobile device.

When you activate two-factor authentication, you need to record the backup code in a secure place, preferably on paper. If you cannot find your dual identity code, you will not be able to log in to your account and you will need to submit your identity material to reset your two-factor authentication.

Activating two-factor authentication based on mobile devices.

Accessing Security Setting -- Two-factor authentication page .

Installing the authentication app on your phone. Google Authenticator works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can download Google Authenticator from the application store.

Noting the backup code that appears on the page, and record it in a secure place, preferably on paper. It’s important that you can use your new phone to add your account back when you lose your phone.

Scanning the QR Code on the BitcoinWorld page or adding an account to Google Authenticator and fill in the backup code and click Start Settings.

Opening the Google Authenticator. on bitcoinworld Web Page Scan qr or add an account in Google Authenticator and fill out the backup code, click Start Setting.

Authentication Code will appear in Google Authenticator application. To complete the settings, in the box on the Two-factor Authentication Activation page, enter the code provided by the Google Authenticator. Then press the Enable Two-factor Authentication button.

You have now completed all the settings and will receive Two-factor Authentication protection.

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