How to improve the security of accounts?

published on:2016-12-28 16:02:42Updated on:2016-12-28 15:56:33

The following tips can protect you from the threat of most phishing and hackers' attacks.


Enable the two-factor validation for your account, which can protect your account when there is a third party cracking your password. After using this validation, someone can't enter your account with your password only.


When Entry Protection tests the entry by new browsers or new IP addresses, that link will be sent to your email address used for registration.


Please use a strong password with multi-character which contains at least 6 characters.


Please don't repeatedly use your password on other websites and don't send your password to others even your friends.


Please don't use email suppliers like yopmail that needs offered password, because your account may be visited without password.


As for bitcoin, wallets and bitcoin owners take the personal responsibility. For the bitcoin transactions are irreversible, if your user account is hacked, your bitcoin will lose and BitcoinWorld will not be able to take them back for you. Therefore, operations based on the security tips above are essential.


If there is any unusual situation, please change your password immediately. Meanwhile, submit the problems to platform and state clearly your user name, your email address, name, IP address and relevant phone number for registration and your recent activities on platform.

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