How to quickly complete authentication?

published on:2018-01-04 13:38:19Updated on:2018-01-04 13:36:50

Before uploading or after being dismissed by the admin, please carefully check that your account meets the following specifications:

1.Uploaded document photos need to clearly identify the text and portrait information. If the document is opaque and cannot be clearly identified, it will be dismissed.

2.Document handheld photo is not allowed for the mirror, please do not use the mirror or using a front shot, suggest that others for you to shoot.

3.The certificate must be valid for three months. Certificate not valid 3 months of users, please do it again as soon as possible and then upload. If you need to get through quickly, please contact our Online Customer Service.

4.If the validity period for your identity card is long term, please set the expiration date to 30 years from the start date. If the certificate is valid for 2017.09.01- long term, please fill in 2017.09.01-2047.09.01 when uploading.

5. The front back of the document must meet the standard. Positive for the display of user real information (including name, portrait, ID number and other related information). If the front and back of the document upload error, please exchanged the front and back of the document and upload it again.

6. The handheld document photo need to reveal above the shoulder (requires a face) and hand in the document.

7. Document information must be completed correctly and consistent with the uploaded document photos, the checking information includes: nationality, the name of the document (your real name), identification number (must be consistent with the document photo), the expiry date.

8. The front and back of document photo can’t be blocked profile and must be full display of documents. Any information, including text or portrait, that is not obscured by the document.

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