How to find transaction hash

published on:2018-01-04 11:27:47Updated on:2018-01-04 11:26:00

Operation Process


STEP1   Please copy your recharge address or withdraw address ,and then open block browser or


STEP2   Please paste the address in the search box and click to search. 


STEP3   The web page will show all transactions related to the address, finds your transaction, and copies a list of codes that are identified in the map, that is transaction Hash.

       Attention: Please check your recharge address and withdraw address, number of bitcoin to find your transaction.


STEP4   Please click transaction hash to enter Details page to view the size of the transaction.



Common Question

Q1: My transaction is found in the block browser only 300 B, Why the platform shows a larger transaction size than 300 B?

A1: This is because your transaction is dependent. Your previous transaction has not been confirmed and your transaction cannot be confirmed by the block, so if you need to accelerate your transaction, you need to accelerate the reliance on the transaction. The transaction size given by the platform is the result of accumulating all transactions.

Q2: What is a dependent transaction?

A2: Suppose A offer 1 coin to B, B immediately put this to C. C is in a hurry now, but must wait A calling B to confirm the transaction, transactions of B offering C could be confirmed. Then, A-->B is a dependent transaction for B-->C.

Q3: How long will the acceleration be confirmed?

A3: After successful acceleration, you will need to wait for block confirmation. Normally, the transaction will be confirmed within three hours. Time is not confirmed, it takes only a few minutes, but some transactions are slower for many reasons.


Q4: My transaction can be found in other block browsers, but why is the transaction not present when the acceleration is submitted?

A4: This is due to data synchronization issues between block browsers. Please retry the commit acceleration in half an hour.

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