Concept and practice of OTC

published on:2016-12-28 16:14:57Updated on:2016-12-28 16:03:13

Over-the-counter transactions (OTC) is a transaction that is not traded on a trading platform and which is traded in the over-the-counter market, and is a privately traded price above or below the trading platform price or with other conditions. Over-the-counter transaction is often a private agreement between two parties. Since not every country has a bitcoin transaction platform, and foreign users to open an account is more difficult, so bitcoin OTC has its very distinct characteristics. OTC is an open transaction. Trading platform transactions are completed through closed markets, investors must entrust trading platform to complete the transaction, and the transaction cannot negotiate face-to-face. However, the OTC market is open market, regardless of the use of face-to-face consultation or telephone communication, investors can always buy or sell at a certain price of the BTC.

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